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Set up and operational in 20 minutes

Tow Trailercam to the site

Prepare mast for extension

Push button mast raising

Mast raises to 6.5 metres

Pan, tilt, zoom, fastdome 360 camera

Configure the system

Infra red, laser and thermal cameras

100% solar powered

Monitor with any internet connection

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About our TrailerCams

The Mobile CCTV TrailerCam is an extremely versatile Mobile Surveillance Security System. Supplement security guards, mobile patrols and fixed CCTV cameras. Our TrailerCams can be deployed quickly and easily with no locked in contracts. They are extremely cost effective at 25% of the cost of a 24 hour static guard.


Solar Powered


Cost of a 24 hour static guard

Set up in 20 minutes

Mobile CCTV TrailerCam Capabilities

The Mobile CCTV TrailerCam can both complement, and reduce traditional static security guard requirements, mobile patrols and fixed CCTV Cameras. These units are independent mobile CCTV stations that are capable of recording and transmitting active alarms and live footage across the NEXT-G mobile network or Long Range Wi-Fi.

The TrailerCam has its own internal on-board computer and network video recorder (NVR) which can be remotely and securely accessed from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Live footage can be viewed and monitored with event recording, alarm warnings, sirens and lights, whist also allowing simultaneous password secure viewing by third parties, locally or remotely.

Our TrailerCam is a truly autonomous unit that uses 100% solar powered technology. An onboard fully integrated generator provides a back-up charging capability. A mains power connection is also available as required.

The TrailerCam is self-sufficient in operation for months on end, without human interaction or mains power availability. One of the many advantages of the TrailerCam system is its application of high definition megapixel digital cameras which provide a substantially higher image quality in both day and night scenarios, surpassing traditional analogue camera capabilities.

Supported by infrared, laser or thermal PTZ cameras. TrailerCam is fitted with a PA speaker system that enables remote verbal warnings.

Why use a TrailerCam?

The Mobile CCTV TrailerCam is extremely versatile. It allows you to locate and relocate your CCTV devices wherever you need them and monitor them remotely.

This allows the flexibility to adapt to both your security and business needs. The remote surveillance software includes a wide range of monitoring and reviewing capabilities, giving you better security outcomes.

With no locked in contracts our TrailerCams can be deployed to satisfy your security and surveillance requirements. TrailerCams are extremely cost effective at 25% of the cost of a 24 hour static guard.

Set up and operational in 20 minutes

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Our other services

Mobile CCTV Solutions offer a wide range of services as well as our TrailerCams. More on these here Mobile CCTV Solutions.

TrailerCam Features

The TrailerCam system is a rapid deployment, mobile monitoring system which is self-sufficient and extremely easy to use. The on-board internet NEXT-G communication, software and advanced technology allow for quick and easy deployment of a set and forget system with secure remote login and remote camera capability. Save time and labour costs with a complete record of incidents and real time alerts.

  • ISA Powerful pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) camera’s fast dome 360deg camera
  • Add additional Wi-Fi camera to existing camera nest
  • Capabilities include Infra-Red, Laser and Thermal cameras with varying zoom functionality
  • High-resolution LIVE video viewing controllable by you via Wi-Fi and 3G network worldwide
  • Secure Login, password protection
  • All video is recorded and stored to a dual hard drive pc
  • Email and SMS alarm notification
  • GPS tracking
  • Night time infrared lighting and or LED white lights motion activated
  • Custom configuration capability according to you needs
  • HD Megapixel Live streaming
  • PIR Motion Detection
  • CCTV Motion Detection
  • Digital network video recording
  • PA System
  • LED Floodlights
  • Remote Login
  • Multi-User login
  • Event Monitoring
  • Email and SMS notification

Applications of TrailerCam

  • Incident Management
  • Disaster Recovery Monitoring
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Monitoring of Regulatory Enforcement
  • Supplementing static guards and patrols.
  • Cost effective alternative when compared to the price of guarding.
  • Traffic Monitoring (Traffic flow, Speed Management and Number Plate recognition)
  • Event Security and Crowd Monitoring
  • Building Sites (Protection of Assets and Site Management)
  • Surveillance
  • Illegal dumping Monitoring
  • Graffiti Monitoring
  • Occupational Health and Safety Compliance

TrailerCam FAQs

1. What is TrailerCam’s power source?

The main power source is solar. A low power levels a low battery alarm is generated at which time the generator recharges the battery. Main power can be connected for recharging if desired.

2. Does the system have an alert communication redundancy?

Yes, Communication from TrailerCam can be via 3G, 4G, and/or Wi-Fi.

3. How is the alert response notified?

Alerts and alarms are notified by TrailerCam via sms and email.

4. What are the camera frame rates?

Camera frame rates depend up on which cameras are used. Typically the camera currently used are capable of 25 frames per second but generally are programmed to record at between 8.3 and 13 FPS. This reduces the storage rate and band widths require to send HD video.

5. Does the camera have the ability to be adjusted remotely (PTZ)?

Yes, all cameras can be used and adjusted remotely via password protected log-in. Cameras can also be set to perform Pre-set patrols.

6. Are cameras infra Red / Night Vision cameras?

TrailerCam can be equipped with range of camera nest options which includes, thermal, laser and Infra-Red

7. What are the camera IP ratings?

Camera dependant but generally IP65 or greater.

8. What is the camera overseeing height from ground level?

The mast can extend vertically to a maximum height of 6.5 meters above ground level.

9. What is the total number of cameras on device?

Three as rule, however a fourth camera can be included if required.

10. Are stationery camera’s 360 view recordable?


11.What are the total continuous video recording hours?

Approximately 30-45 days dependant up on cameras and frame rate.

12. What is the failover power sequence source – genset / solar?

The main power source is solar, with fall back on to genset and or 240v. A low battery alarm is generated.

13. What is TrailerCam’s reporting functionality?

A full system log audit report showing users, devices, system status and alerts.

14. Does TrailerCam provide any audio communications with site recipient?

An operator can speak to the people onsite via the on-board PA system.

15. Is picture masking supported to help in false alerts?

Yes, by adjusting sensitivity and tolerance control for motion detection.

16. Is picture masking supported to maintain privacy where required?

Yes, Privacy masking is supported.

17. What is the video recording retrieval mechanism?

Several formats are available. NATIVE, JPEG, AVI, MPEG, and more.

18. Can the client access real time video viewing?

Yes, real time and recorded viewing available.

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